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San Antonio

San Antonio is a popular resort set on the western coast of Ibiza. Annual temperatures are usually very high and rarely fall below 20°C. However, the best time to visit San Antonio is the summer when temperatures reach highs of 31°C.

San Antonio’s Mediterranean climate brings plenty of sunshine and heat to the region all year-round. The skies are mostly clear throughout the summer and rainfall doesn’t pick up until late autumn.

Autumn is the wettest season, with an average monthly rainfall of 55mm. If you’re planning to visit in October or November, pack a raincoat or umbrella.

If you don’t mind the rain, autumn is still a fantastic time for a holiday in San Antonio. For warmer weather, the best time to go to San Antonio is in early October when temperatures are around 24°C and you’ll have 11 hours of sunlight per day.

The Mediterranean Sea is very warm for most of the year but reaches up to 26°C between July and August, which is perfect for swimming and enjoying various water sports.

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