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Dona Paula

With Dona Paula’s location in North Goa, the resort has a very hot, humid and wet climate with constant sunshine all year-round.

Temperatures peak in May and October, reaching the mid-30s. In the summer, it’s warm and humid with an average temperature of 20°C. For cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Dona Paula is between October and March.

If you love swimming, you’ll enjoy time on Dona Paula’s famous beach, ‘Lovers’ Paradise’. The water is mild and ideal for swimming. Water sports are popular along the coast and sea breezes coming into the shore help to control humidity levels and keep temperatures comfortable for swimming.

Dona Paula’s tropical climate is in full swing in the summer, which is monsoon season in Goa. July has 579mm of rain and August has 300mm. It usually rains on at least 28 days of the month, which means you’ll need to pack a waterproof coat and keep an eye on the forecast.

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