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Arpora is a popular beach resort nestled in Goa’s golden coast. The resort enjoys the same tropical climate as the rest of Goa, promising high temperatures and plenty of sunshine all year-round.

Temperatures rarely fall below 20°C, but the best time to visit Arpora for the warmest weather is between May and June. The daily high is 32°C with lows of 18°C.

Monsoon season is an exciting time to visit Arpora, but it can very wet, hot and humid. July has an average rainfall of 579mm, which means it rains on 27 days of the month. The remaining months of monsoon season have similar rainfall patterns, so if you want to stay dry, the best time to go to Arpora is after monsoon season.

October has a high of 31°C and no rainfall, which is perfect if you want to enjoy the tropical weather without all the rain. Cooling breezes travel at 6mph, which gives relief from the heat during peak times of the day.

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