Fort Lauderdale

Avg weather in April
12 Hrs per day
27 mm per month
74 % avg
11 Mph avg

Fort Lauderdale Weather in April

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What’s the weather like in Fort Lauderdale in April?

Fort Lauderdale weather in April is beautiful with high temperatures throughout the month with not much chance of rain. It’s a great city to visit for its stunning beaches, turquoise waters and modern boating canals.

Geographical influences

The city of Fort Lauderdale is located on the south-east coast of Florida. Its beaches are filled with swaying palm trees and miles of soft, golden sands. If you want to do a lot of exploring during your stay, April is the perfect time to visit. Temperatures are pleasant without being too hot. It’s perfect weather for strolling through the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, famed for its walking trails and exotic lagoon features.


When you arrive in Fort Lauderdale in April, you’re met with lovely sunshine and warm temperatures for most of the month. During the day, temperatures increase to around 26°C with just 27mm of rainfall spread over the month. Sea breezes travel at 11mph and are at their strongest near the coast. You’ll have 12 hours of sunshine per day with an average humidity of 74%.

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