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Ozdere is a quiet village on the Turkey’s Aegean coast. You can look forward to a warm climate all year-round with not much rainfall and lots of sunshine spread throughout the year.

The best time to visit Ozdere is in the summer for the highest temperatures and least rainfall. Temperatures rarely drop below 28°C and increase to highs of 33°C in August. Humidity levels are moderate to high in the summer, which can make you feel a little tired if you aren’t used to the heat.

Autumn is the best time to go to Ozdere if you prefer a slightly cooler and less humid climate. The average temperature ranges from 11°C to 27°C and the sea is warm enough to swim in at around 20°C.

The winter is the wettest season and you’ll need to pack an umbrella if you’re planning to visit from December to February. The average monthly rainfall is around 156mm and there’s a small chance that there could be some frost at this time with lows of 5°C at night.

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