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The warm Mediterranean climate is in full swing during the summer months in Ovacik. Temperatures rise in March and the good weather lasts through October. Spring is one of the best times to pack your bags and head to this quiet resort town with an average temperature of 25°C and just 25mm of rainfall per month. The sun shines for hours and humidity levels are low, which is ideal if you’ve got a lot of sightseeing planned for your visit.

Ovacik weather in summer is very hot with rainfall being virtually non-existent. Temperatures range from 25°C to highs of 30°C in July and August. If you’re feeling hot and sticky, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea which is around 28°C in summer. Cooling mountain winds offer more relief from the heat and help bring temperatures down at night.

You’ll have 13 hours of sunshine a day in summer that gradually lowers to just six hours in winter. September is still very warm with highs of 30°C. Cooler weather arrives towards the end of November with an average temperature of 19°C.

Temperatures in Ovacik drop to 13°C in December with chilly lows of 5°C at night. The weather in Ovacik can be quite wet in winter with over 450mm of rain spread over December and January.

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