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Fethiye is located in the Aegean region in Turkey and enjoys a hot, sunny climate for most of the year with slightly cooler and wet winters.

The best time to visit Fethiye is in the summer for the highest temperatures that are perfect for the beach. The daily average is 28°C that often rises to a scorching 33°C in July and August.

You can expect around 14 hours of sunshine between June and September which lowers to an average of ten hours from October to May.

If you love swimming, the coastline of Fethiye is perfect. The average sea temperature is 23°C that increases to 27°C in August. The water generally stays warm enough for a swim all year round but it can get quite chilly in winter with an average high of 15°C.

If you aren’t a fan of the summer heat and humidity, the best time to go to Fethiye is in the spring or autumn. It’s still very warm but it’s easier to enjoy activities like hiking and sightseeing because you won’t feel too hot from the heat.

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