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With its location in Bodrum, Turkbuku weather is typically Mediterranean with average highs reaching above 34°C in summer. July is one of the hottest months and temperatures often rise to 35°C in the afternoon. There’s just 9mm of rain per month in summer that increases to 11mm in September. The sun shines for 14 hours per day with an average humidity of 66% between June and September.

For cooler temperatures in Turkbuku, travel during autumn. October enjoys a warm average of 26°C, which is warm enough for relaxing near the shore and doing some sightseeing in Bodrum. Cooling winds from the sea travel at around 10mph, helping to keep humidity levels from rising above 63%.

You’ll have 11 hours of sunlight per day that gradually lowers to nine hours in December. The weather in Turkbuku is quite wet in winter with up to 147mm of rainfall spread over December. It gets slightly better in January and February, with a monthly average of 76mm. Temperatures are around 15°C to 16°C in winter, which is still very mild and pleasant.

Warmer weather arrives in spring, which sees daily averages around 21°C with a comfortable humidity level of 69%.

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