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Located in the Turkish Riviera on the Gulf of Antalya, Kemer is a seaside resort that has over 300 sunny days per year. It’s nestled beneath the Taurus Mountains, which means it’s slightly warmer and drier than most regions because the hill shelters the resort from cold winds.

The best time to go to Kemer is between June and September. The average temperature is 27°C with highs of 35°C at peak times of the day.

You’re not likely to see much rain in the summer but keep in mind that UV levels are high and a high factor sun cream is a must-have when you visit Kemer in the summer.

If you prefer cooler weather on holiday, the best time to visit Kemer is in the spring or autumn. Temperatures are usually in the high teens with a daily average ranging from 15°C to 19°C.

Rainfall begins to pick up in late autumn, rising from 65mm in October to 115mm in November. This means you can expect at least eight rainy days per month, so make sure to pack an umbrella if you’re planning a holiday just before winter strikes.

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