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Port El Kantaoui

With an amazing Mediterranean climate, Tunisia’s a wonderful holiday hotspot all year round. If you’re dreaming of crystal-clear skies, bright sunshine and perfect weather for the beach and pool, then June to September is the best time to visit Port El Kantaoui. Just 10km north of the historic city of Sousse, Port El Kantaoui is a modern harbour town with luxury yachts anchored along its stunning and vibrant port. It still has a traditional Tunisian feel with pretty white buildings and paved streets winding through the charming town and its many squares and markets. Port El Kantaoui’s wide, sandy beach is just north of the marina and in July and August temperatures here reach an average high of 33°C. On hotter days, this could climb nearer to 40°C so you’ll want to find shade under a parasol and enjoy the view across the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Hammamet.

The temperature in June and September around Port El Kantaoui will still top 30°C most days, only dropping to lows of about 22°C on cooler days. These are both popular months to soak up the weather and culture of Port El Kantaoui because it isn’t affected by the school holiday season and conditions are a little cooler than in peak summer time. If you’re looking to relax by your pool, the sunshine in July and August will last for 12 to 13 hours each day. In July the sun rises just after 5am and doesn’t fade until 7.40pm, making it the best time to visit Port El Kantaoui if you’re a sun seeker.

Take care though, as UV levels are at their highest. Tunisia’s incredible climate lets you make the most of Port El Kantaoui’s exciting nightlife and outdoors restaurants and cafes. In late evening, the temperature should be a refreshing 20°C to 22°C in summer. In October, the conditions at night are still very pleasant, at around 18°C, and you can enjoy a stroll along the promenade or a refreshing drink by the marina. If you fancy a dip in the Mediterranean, the best time to visit Port El Kantaoui is between July and September when the water’s very warm at 26°C.

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