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Malgrat De Mar

Malgrat de Mar is a town on the Costa Brava coast. It’s known for its historical buildings, golden beaches, and laid-back charm.

The best time to visit Malgrat de Mar is when its Mediterranean climate is at its warmest in the summer. You can look forward to high temperatures, clear blue skies and lots of sunshine throughout the season.

The hottest months are July and August, which has an average high of 30°C. Things cool down in October, but it’s still pleasant and temperatures rarely drop below 20°C. Winter is quite cold with an average temperature of 13°C that begins to increase towards the end of March, rising to an agreeable 20°C.

The average rainfall throughout the year is 650mm. If you don’t like getting wet, you might want to avoid late-autumn and winter, when rainfall begins to increase as temperatures decrease. The best time to go to Malgrat de Mar to avoid the rain is in late-spring and the summer, which has a very small chance of rain.

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