Weather in Lloret De Mar

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Lloret De Mar

With its location in Costa Brava in the Catalonia region in Spain, you can expect lots of warm sunshine and fantastic weather throughout the year in Lloret de Mar.

The best time to go to Lloret de Mar depends on how much sun you want to see. Temperatures reach their peak in the summer, increasing to 30°C before lowering to a daily average of 22°C in mid-autumn. Winter is mild with slightly more rainfall, so make sure to pack an umbrella if you’re planning a winter holiday.

UV rays are very strong in the summer, which lasts from June to September. July and August are the warmest months of the year but nights can be quite cold with evening lows of 17°C.

Water sports are more popular in the summer because the Mediterranean Sea has warmed up to 26°C. In winter, the average sea temperature rarely rises above 14°C, which is too cold for an enjoyable swim. If swimming is one of your favourite activities to enjoy on holiday, the best time to visit Lloret de Mar is when you know the water is going to be lovely and warm.

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