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With its location in Costa Brava, you can expect a very warm climate with lots of sunshine and clear blue skies for most of the year in Calella.

This beautiful resort is ideal for a classic beach holiday in the summer or more of a sightseeing adventure in the cooler months. Temperatures are usually in the 20s but the warmest month of the year is August when the weather rises to the low 30s.

Spring is the best time to go to Calella for a cooler and a more enjoyable climate. If you can’t stand the summer heat, April and May offer a pleasant daily average of 17°C.

If you love swimming, Calella doesn’t disappoint. The average sea temperature is 26°C, which is very mild and perfect for an afternoon swim when you want to cool down or take part in water sports.

There’s plenty of sunshine throughout the year but the best time to visit Calella for the sun is between June and September. You’ll have at least 13 hours of sunlight per day that decreases to nine in autumn and winter before increasing again in late spring.

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