Weather in Roquetas De Mar

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Roquetas De Mar

The resort of Roquetas de Mar is located in Andalusia in Spain and known for its high temperatures that last all year-round. You can expect plenty of sunshine on holiday with very little rainfall, which makes it a great place for a classic beach holiday.

The best time to go to Roquetas de Mar is in the summer for the highest temperatures and the most sunshine per day. You can expect 14 hours of warm sunshine each day in July and August with an average high of 31°C.

UV rays can get very high in the peak of summer, so make sure to take care of your skin and wear high factor sun protection throughout your visit.

If you love swimming, you’ve come to the right place. The average sea temperature is a pleasant 24°C in August, which is the best time to visit Roquetas de Mar for water sports such as snorkelling and windsurfing.

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