Weather in Playa Del Ingles

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Playa Del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is in the south of Gran Canaria and is known for its sandy beaches, azure sea water, and sunny climate. The best time to visit Playa del Ingles is in the summer when temperatures range from 24°C and 26°C.

The heat is influenced by the sea, which carries the Canary Current coming from the North Atlantic. This cool current helps to control temperatures and keeps humidity levels comfortable and enjoyable throughout the year.

If you like the sun but don’t want to feel the heat of the summer, the best time to go to Playa del Ingles is in the winter. Temperatures are around 19°C with evening lows of 16°C. You can expect a slight increase in rainfall with around 21mm per month from December to February.

The sea is very mild and rarely falls below 19°C. In spring and summer, the water temperatures rise to 25°C, which is perfect for windsurfing, snorkelling, and swimming.

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