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Maspalomas is a town on the south coast of Gran Canaria. The island’s position near North Africa means that the region has a tropical climate with very high temperatures and constant sunshine all year-round. It’s also very dry, so you can leave your umbrella at home and look forward to spending a lot of time soaking up the sun on the beach.

Temperatures are usually in the mid-20s for most of the year but can reach up to 30°C in the summer. The best time to go to Maspalomas is between June and September for the hottest weather and up to 13 hours of sunshine per day.

You can enjoy the heat without it being unbearable thanks to northeast trade winds in the summer that cools the weather. If you prefer cooler temperatures in general, the best time to visit Maspalomas is in the autumn and winter. The climate is still very warm and the town is sheltered by the mountains, which reduces the amount of rainfall and keeps temperatures mild and enjoyable.

The sea temperature ranges from 19°C and 23°C, which is perfect for swimming at any time of the year.

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