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Travelling to Mahon in the summer guarantees constant sunshine and heat. The town is very busy in the summer, but the weather is glorious with temperatures reaching highs of 28°C in August. Daily temperatures are in the high-20s, which is great for lying on the beach and taking a stroll along the harbour. You won’t have to worry about getting caught out in a downpour in the summer as there’s less than 4mm of rain in July.

If Mahon weather in summer is too hot for you, you should arrive in autumn for an agreeable climate with mild temperatures and just as much sunshine. The average rarely strays from the mid-20s but will lower to 14°C in November. The climate is much wetter in autumn and there’s around 84mm in October that gradually drops to 70mm in December.

Temperatures in Mahon improve again in late March, which marks the start of spring. The weather is quite dry and temperatures often rise to the low-20s between March and May. The water is also slightly warmer but it won’t be mild enough for swimming until June.

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