Weather in Cala d'Or

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Cala d'Or

With its location on the south-east coast of Majorca, you can look forward to warm and sunny weather all year-round in Cala Dor.

The region enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with constant heat and sunshine throughout the year but the warmest time to visit is the summer. Temperatures rise to 30°C in August, which is the warmest month of the year.

The summer is the best time to go to Cala Dor because the sun is always shining and there’s just 20mm of rainfall per month. Daylight hours have increased in the summer, ranging from ten to 14 hours per day.

Winter is quite mild and great if you want to escape the cold weather back home. There’s some rainfall throughout the season, with a monthly average of 69mm. This gradually decreases to around 30mm in April, which enjoys a slightly warmer climate with highs of 19°C.

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