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Cala Bona

Cala Bona is a beautiful holiday resort on the east coast of Majorca. It’s known for its long sandy beach and constant sunshine that lasts all year-round.

The average temperature rarely falls below the mid-teens. The best time to visit Cala Bona for warm weather and plenty of sunshine is in late spring or the summer.

The hottest time of the year is August when temperatures reach up to 32°C at peak times of the day. The weather is perfect for a classic beach holiday with lots of warm sunshine and clear blue skies throughout the season.

If you prefer cooler weather on holiday, wait until autumn to visit. Temperatures cool to 19°C and it’s the best time to go to Cala Bona if you’ve got a lot of outdoor activities planned such as nature walks and sightseeing.

Winds can travel as fast as 12mph in the autumn, but the resort is protected from strong north west winds by the island’s hills and mountains. This means Cala Bona is slightly warmer and drier than other regions in the Mediterranean, but you’ll still need to pack an umbrella for the odd shower or two.

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