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As the largest resort in Malta, Sliema is a popular town for its luxury hotels, cosmopolitan centre and romantic harbour. Its location on the northeast coast of Malta means the resort enjoys the same Mediterranean climate as the rest of the island.

You can expect long, hot and dry summers with an average temperature of 30°C. This is perfect if you want to soak up as much sunshine as possible. The summer is the best time to visit Sliema for its warm temperatures and dry climate, with just 19mm of rainfall.

Temperatures are usually very high in this part of Malta and rarely drop below 15°C, even in January. The winter is very mild and enjoyable, with comfortable temperatures and low humidity.

For mild temperatures and less rainfall than the winter, the best time to go to Sliema is in the spring. April has an average rainfall of just 24mm and temperatures reach highs of 20°C.

Coastal winds blow into the resort from the sea and travel at an average speed of 14mph in the spring and 9mph in the summer. Winds bring relief from the heat, but can also cause temperatures to drop at night, so make sure to take a jacket out with you in the evening.

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