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Located within St. Paul’s Bay in the north of Malta, Qawra enjoys a very sunny and warm climate with sunshine that lasts all year-round. It’s a great destination to visit at any time, with long, hot summers and mild winters.

Temperatures rarely fall below 15°C and it’s unlikely you’ll experience much colder than this in winter. The best time to visit Qawra is in the middle of summer when temperatures reach highs of 31°C.

Humidity levels are quite high in the summer, with an average level of 74%. If you’re near the coast, you’ll feel coastal winds blowing in from the sea that helps control the humid weather and bring temperatures down to more bearable levels.

If you love swimming, the best time to go to Qawra is when the water is warm. The sea can be quite chilly from December to March before it begins to warm up towards late spring, which is just in time for the summer.

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