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Whether you want to ski down snowy slopes or take the kids to meet Santa himself, a holiday to Lapland is an experience of a lifetime. The climate varies from summer to winter, with mild temperatures in the warmer months and a cold, snowy climate in winter.

Lapland is located in the north of Finland, in the Arctic Circle. Its location means that the region gets heavy snowfall in winter. The snow begins to melt in spring and is usually gone by the time summer arrives.

If you want to enjoy the wintery weather closer to Christmas, the best time to go to Lapland is in the middle of winter. Temperatures can fall to -13°C on the coldest nights, so make sure to pack your snow boots and warm clothes for your visit.

If you aren’t a fan of snow or skiing and just want to experience the region for its natural beauty and local attractions, summer is perfect. The weather is mild because of the North Atlantic Current. July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 17°C and highs of 21°C.

The winter is the best time to visit Lapland to get the best views of the Northern Lights. You’ll need to arrive between November and March if you don’t want to miss your chance of seeing this natural phenomenon.

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