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Sant’Agnello is set on a volcanic cliff in the south east of Naples, Italy. The region is known for its stunning views and rich Italian history. It enjoys a warm, sunny climate for most of the year with slightly milder temperatures in winter.

For lower temperatures, the best time to visit Sant’Agnello is during the winter. Temperatures reach highs of 14°C, which is very mild and great if you want to escape the cold weather back home.

Soothing sea breezes are very common in the summer. These coastal winds blow in from the sea and help to cool the weather down to more enjoyable levels.

The summer is the warmest time of the year, with July and August taking the crown for having the highest temperatures. It’s the best time to go to Sant’Agnello if you enjoy a hotter climate with highs of 31°C and up to 13 hours of sunshine per day.

If you love swimming, the waters are mild in the summer and tend to stay quite warm until early autumn.

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