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With Rome’s location in the central-western part of Italy, you can look forward to high temperatures and plenty of warm sunshine all year round.

The hottest month of the year is July, which is the best time to go to Barcelona if you want to enjoy as much heat and sunshine as possible. Temperatures rarely fall below 27°C with highs of 32°C at midday.

For cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Barcelona is between November and June. You’ll still get to enjoy the sunny weather, but it won’t feel too hot or uncomfortable.

The best time to go swimming is in the summer when the water is warm and enjoyable. There isn’t much of a sea breeze, which means it can get very hot and you’ll definitely need to wear sun cream if you’re having a day out on the beach.

Autumn is the wettest time of the year in Rome, which means there’s a chance of rainfall throughout the month. The wettest month is November that has an average monthly rainfall of 49mm.

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