Avg weather in November
9 Hrs per day
93 mm per month
82 % avg
3 Mph avg

Malcesine Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Malcesine in November?

Off-season in Lake Garda begins in November, so you’ll have fewer crowds and more time to explore this historical town and its impressive natural surroundings. Malcesine weather in November is very cool but temperatures remain above freezing throughout the month.

Geographical influences

Malcesine is a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. The lake is the largest one in Italy and enjoys a Mediterranean climate. However, the weather can be quite temperate in autumn with cool temperatures and a good deal of rainfall. Lake Garda enjoys warm water temperatures for most of the year and this helps to keep the surrounding temperatures above freezing.


November is a lot cooler than previous months with lows dipping to 5°C on chilly nights. Things pick up in the morning and temperatures rise to 11°C by midday. Rainfall decreases to 93mm across 11 days, which is still a good deal of rain but it’s significantly less than the damp summer months. Showers range from light drizzles to heavy downpours, so it’s worth checking the forecast before heading out for the day. Snow is unlikely this month but there is quite a lot of cloud cover over the month and sunshine hours drop to nine hours per day. The humidity is high at 82% with breezes reaching speeds of 3mph.

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