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With its location on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy, the town of Malcesine has an enjoyable climate with mild weather for most of the year.

Surrounded by rolling green hills and blue lake waters, Malcesine is a picturesque lakeside town that’s a great holiday destination year-round. It has a typical Mediterranean climate with highs of 30°C in the peak of summer.

The best time to visit Malcesine to avoid the rain is between July and August. You can expect high temperatures lasting throughout the season with an increase in rainfall towards late autumn.

If you’re feeling really hot in the summer, head towards the lake and enjoy the winds blowing in from the north.

The best time to go to Malcesine for cooler weather is spring. Temperatures are increasing towards the summer and there are less cloudy days than the winter.

It can get quite foggy in winter, which seems to fall down the mountains like a blanket of thick mist. There’s expected to be at least 15 foggy days throughout the season, with most of it being up on higher ground.

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