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Limone sits on Lake Garda’s northwest coast in Italy. The resort is rich with medieval history and enjoys a warm, Mediterranean climate.

Summers are very hot in Limone, with temperatures ranging from 15°C to 29°C. The best time to visit Limone for the best of these temperatures is between June and September but July is the warmest month.

Autumn has mild temperatures, usually remaining steady at around 18°C. Cloud coverage is more likely towards winter, when the region experiences lower temperatures and more rainfall. Temperatures range from just 6°C to 8°C from December to February.

The best time to go to Limone for milder weather is from March to May. The climate has improved since winter, with highs of 22°C. On average, there are around nine days of rain per month throughout spring.

High winds tend to sweep down the valley, which makes Lake Garda ideal for windsurfing and other exciting water sports. The winds can bring temperatures down slightly and gives a welcomed break from the intense summer heat.

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