Weather in Amalfi

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With its location below steep cliffs on the southwest coast of Italy, Amalfi has shelter from heavy rain and strong winds. The Mediterranean climate is in full swing by late spring, with long, hot summers and mild winters.

The temperature ranges from 14°C in winter up to 31°C in the summer. July and August are the warmest months of the year and considered the best time to visit Amalfi for sunshine, heat and clear blue skies.

The summer heat can be overwhelming at times. You can jump in the azure blue sea to cool down, which also enjoys gentle sea winds travelling at around 5mph.

For slightly cooler weather, the best time to go to Amalfi is late spring or late autumn. Temperatures are in the low to mid-twenties and there’s plenty of sunshine to enjoy.

Rainfall is low to moderate for most of the year. There’s just 24mm of rain in July, which increases to around 65mm per month in winter.

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