Avg weather in December
9 Hrs per day
174 mm per month
67 % avg
10 Mph avg

Tsilivi Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Tsilivi in December?

Wander around the narrow streets of Tsilivi and soak in the traditional Greek culture with a visit to the old Venetian observatory at the northernmost part of the town. Tsilivi weather in December is mild and pleasant for the most part. There are some scattered showers throughout the month, but nothing that can’t be fixed with an umbrella and a few drinks at the beach bar.

Geographical influences

You’ll find Tsilivi a few miles outside the capital city of Zante Town. It’s a great location to visit in December because it’s very quiet and peaceful at this time of year. The island’s Mediterranean climate gives the town lots of sunshine each day. Enjoy an adventurous sailing excursion along the coast or head to Zante Town for a day of shopping and sightseeing.


There are nine hours of sunshine per day in December with daily highs of 15°C. When the sun goes down in the evening, temperatures lower to around 10°C. You’ll need to pack an umbrella when you visit Tsilivi in winter because there’s an average rainfall of 174mm spread over 12 days. Wind speeds are around 10mph with a humidity of 67% for most of the month.

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