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Laganas enjoys 300 days of sunlight per year, which makes it the perfect holiday destination if you love the sun and warmth. Visiting the beach is possible at any time of the year because the weather in Laganas stays warm and sunny. Spring is a lovely time to visit Laganas for milder temperatures that aren’t too high or uncomfortable. The average temperature in March is around 14°C that increases to 20°C in May. The water is warm enough for swimming or taking part in water sports and continues to heat up towards summer.

The hottest time of the year is between June and September, which enjoys temperatures ranging from 24°C in June to highs of 30°C in July and August. Consistent trade winds blowing in from the north bring cooler temperatures to the coast in the summer, which is great if you need a break from the heat and high humidity.

Laganas weather cools in October, which is the start of autumn in Greece. Temperatures are still fairly mild, rarely dropping below the mid-teens at night. Rainfall is on the increase, which means you’ll need an umbrella or raincoat to prepare for any surprise downpours. Temperatures in Laganas continue to drop throughout autumn and winter, reaching lows of 11°C in February. You can expect heavy rainfall in December, which is the wettest month of the year with around 200mm of rainfall spread over the month.

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