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Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate in full swing when you visit Kalamaki in the summer. Temperatures reach highs of 32°C during the day and rarely fall below 22°C at night. The best time to go to Kalamaki is between June and October for the warmest and driest climate.

The weather begins to cool down in autumn, which is perfect if you prefer a more comfortable climate. Temperatures are still warm, but it’s never too hot and the sea water is still mild enough for swimming.

174mm of rainfall is spread over December and the following months also have quite a lot of rain. Showers are usually very fast and short but can be quite heavy at times due to the tropical nature of the Mediterranean climate.

Winds coming in from the sea bring a cooling relief from the intense summer heat. The average wind speed is around 9mph, which tends to be at its strongest in the afternoon.

The best time to visit Kalamaki for the perfect blend of heat and sunshine is in spring. There’s less rain than the winter and the sun stays out for up to 14 hours per day. Temperatures are at their highest towards the end of the season, reaching up to 24°C.

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