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Alykanas is nestled on the northern coast of Zante, an island just off the west coast of Greece. The region enjoys a beautiful hot climate with high temperatures lasting all year-round.

If you love the beach and swimming in the sea, the best time to go to Alykanas is in summer. Temperatures increase to 30˚C and there’s constant sunshine all day, every day.

Swimmers will enjoy Alykanas’ stunning coastline, which has soft, sandy beaches and mild, turquoise waters. The average sea temperature is a pleasant 26°C in the summer, which is ideal for an afternoon swim.

Winter is the best time to visit Alykanas if you’re not much of a beach fan. While it’s still mild enough to enjoy the coast, the cooler season is perfect for outdoor activities.

It doesn’t rain much in Alykanas and the region enjoys warm and dry summers. There’s a slight increase in rainfall in autumn and winter. December has 134mm of rainfall, but there’s still up to nine hours of glorious sunshine per day.

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