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The weather in Skiathos is very pleasant with long, hot summers and mild winters. It’s a great year-round holiday destination, but the best time to visit Skiathos is in the summer for the highest temperatures and the most sunshine.

If you love the heat and want to enjoy as much sunshine as possible, come in July or August. The peak of summer has beautiful weather with an average of 25°C. The hottest part of the day is from 12pm to 3pm, so make sure to wear high factor sun protection as temperatures reach up to 29°C.

For cooler weather but just as much sunshine, the best time to go to Skiathos is the spring or autumn. April marks the official start of the long summer season in Skiathos, which means the weather is warm but it’s not too hot. October, as the last month of the season, enjoys the mild weather with a slight increase in rainfall.

If you’re coming in winter, make sure to pack your raincoat as the season has more rainfall than any other time of the year. Humidity levels are also quite high and influenced by the wet weather and heat. Temperatures are around 13°C, which is still very mild and pleasant for this time of year.

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