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When you visit Santorini, you’re almost guaranteed great weather no matter when you travel. The Mediterranean climate is in full swing in the summer, which falls between March and October. Temperatures in Santorini reach highs of 29°C in July and August with lows of 16°C in March. Spring is pleasant and warm with fewer crowds before June, making it a great time for a quiet getaway in the sun. The weather begins to really warm up towards June, which has temperatures staying in the mid-20s with low to moderate humidity levels. The summer is the best time to swim in the sea when the average sea temperature reaches around 25°C.

Rainfall isn’t a major concern in Santorini. The summer is very dry with 0mm per month. This rises towards the end of September and October, which is the wettest time of the year. Rainfall tends to fall in short showers, which are generally light and pass quickly.

You’ll get the most sunshine in the summer months, which enjoys 13 hours of warm sunshine each day. The weather in Santorini remains pleasant throughout autumn and winter with temperatures dropping to 14°C in November and 10°C in January, which is usually the coldest month of the year.

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