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Located on the east coast of Kos, Psalidi has a very pleasant climate with consistent sunshine and warm weather lasting throughout the year.

The best time to visit Psalidi is in July or August for the warmest temperatures, mild seas and clear blue skies. Temperatures reach highs of 35°C during the summer with nightly lows of around 25°C.

There’s not much rainfall in Psalidi over the year, with most of it falling between December and early March. If you want to avoid the wet weather, the best time to go to Psalidi is in late spring and the summer. The chance of rain is very small and there are fewer crowds in the spring, so the resort is quieter and ideal for a relaxing getaway.

If you love swimming, the average sea temperature is around 26°C in the summer. This tends to cool off in winter and far too cold for a comfortable swim.

Psalidi’s location on Kos’ east coast means the resort is in the path of regular winds blowing in from the Aegean Sea. This cools the temperature in the summer and helps to control humidity levels, which hover around 69%.

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