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Kefalos enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and very mild winters. There tends to be more rainfall in winter, but most of the year is dry, warm and sunny.

It’s a great destination no matter when you visit and its location in southern Kos offers idyllic seaside views, warm waters and golden sands stretch along the beautiful coast.

Temperatures rarely drop below the mid-20s, which means it’s warm all year-round. For the warmest climate, the best time to go to Kefalos is in the summer when temperatures reach the low to mid-30s.

If you like swimming, the water on Kefalos’ coast is very mild for most of the year and perfect for taking a dip in. It can get quite cold in the winter though, so if you want to do a lot of swimming and water sports on holiday, the best time to visit Kefalos is between late spring and early autumn.

Sea breezes can reach speeds of around 15mph, which can feel refreshing in the summer when you need a break from the heat. In the winter, these winds can be much colder than usual so make sure to bring a jacket to stay warm at night.

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