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The weather in Elounda is very mild due to its location on the north-east coast of Crete. It has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot sunny weather throughout the year and cooler temperatures arriving sometime in late autumn.

Temperatures in Elounda hit their peak in July and August, with an average temperature of 26°C. August has the perfect swimming conditions with the Mediterranean Sea offering mild temperatures around 26°C until the end of summer. The heat and humidity are moderated by easterly winds from north Greece that control temperatures and bring a refreshing relief from the hot weather.

The mountainous region gives Elounda shelter and protection from heavy rainfall, which is partly why it’s less wet here than the south of Crete.

If you prefer a cooler climate, go in June or September for slightly lower temperatures than the height of summer. The weather is comfortable for exploring all day while the evenings are mild with lows of 22°C.

The summer has 14 hours of sunshine per day that lowers to nine in October and November. The winter months are less sunny, with just six or seven hours of sunlight each day. The average temperature during the day is a chilly 13°C with lows of 10°C. January is the coldest time of the year with an average of just 11°C and 137mm of rain spread over the month.

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