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Crete is the largest Greek Island and renowned for its White Mountains, soft sandy beaches and traditional Mediterranean climate. It tends to be mild and sunny for most of the year, with temperatures peaking in the summer.

The best time to visit Crete is in spring because temperatures begin to increase and the weather is very pleasant. It isn’t overly hot, which is great for sunbathing throughout the day. Temperatures range from 17°C up to 24°C towards the end of the season.

Winds are common in summer with hot coastal winds coming in from the Sahara Desert in North Africa. These winds are very warm and can increase temperatures in the mainland. At times, north-west winds take over and breeze in from the sea. This cool wind is great for bringing relief from the hot summer weather while providing great conditions for local wind surfers.

There’s some rainfall scattered throughout the year, but summer is usually very dry. December is the wettest time of year and has an average rainfall of 89mm. If you want to avoid getting wet, the best time to go to Crete is late spring, summer and early autumn for less rain and more sunshine.

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