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Sidari is a popular beach resort on the north coast of Corfu Island in Greece. The town enjoys a traditional Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and short, mild winters.

The best time to go to Sidari is the summer for the best of the region’s Mediterranean climate. Temperatures rarely drop below 28˚C and can reach highs of 31˚C in July and August.

North-west winds blow onto the coastline during the summer and help control the heat and humidity. The sea is warm enough to swim in with an average temperature of 24˚C in August.

If you prefer a more tolerable climate with cooler temperatures, the best time to visit Sidari is in the winter. The average temperature high is 14˚C, which is quite mild but it can get much colder at night so bring a jacket to stay warm.

Rainfall is heavy in late autumn and winter. The monthly average is over 130mm, with around 180mm spread across December. It’s a quiet time to visit the resort, but it can also be quite windy at times, with coastal winds travelling at 8mph.

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