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The best time to go to Roda depends if you’re a fan of the heat or not. For the warmest weather, travel during the summer. If you prefer a cooler climate and plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, visit in autumn or spring for less extreme temperatures.

The temperature is very high in the summer, with a daily average of 30°C. UV levels are also high, so protect your skin with high-factor sun cream and stay out of the sun during peak times of the day.

If you like to swim and cool down, the surrounding Ionian Sea won’t disappoint. With an average water temperature of 24°C, you can enjoy a relaxing swim or take part in some of the exciting water sports along the coast. This includes everything from wind surfing to snorkelling and scuba diving.

Spring is very mild with comfortable highs up to 19°C and evening lows of 10°C. April is the best time to visit Roda for an agreeable climate that gives 13 hours of sunshine per day and gentle, 9mph winds.

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