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It’s not overly hot in Kassiopi, but when summer arrives, temperatures increase to 31°C. It’s the best time to visit Kassiopi for swimming in the ocean because the water is around 20°C at its lowest, which is refreshing and offers a nice break from the heat.

The coolest time of the year is December to February when temperatures fall to lows of 5°C at night and up to 15°C on the warmest days. Humidity is mild at this time of year, so it’s the best time to go to Kassiopi if you love being outside enjoying the sights and exploring the region.

The highest humidity levels are in the summer, which can make it feel quite balmy at times. Thankfully, coastal winds blowing in from the sea helps to cool temperatures and control the humid climate from rising too high.

Kassiopi enjoys plenty of warm sunshine, but the high UV levels can be quite dangerous. Make sure to take care of your skin with high-factor sun protection and drink lots of water to stay hydrated on holiday.

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