Weather in Sharks Bay

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Sharks Bay

With its location in the desert on the Sinai Peninsula, Sharks Bay enjoys some of the warmest temperatures in the country.

The temperature in the summer is around 33°C with milder weather at night. When autumn arrives, the average falls to 23°C at the start of November before decreasing to 18°C in winter.

The best time to visit Sharks Bay is in spring for more comfortable temperatures and just as much sunshine as the summer months. Things begin to really heat up in May, so if you want to avoid scorching temperatures, the best time to go to Sharks Bay is in March and April.

Rainfall is very minimal thanks to the region’s desert climate, which guarantees hot sunshine and clear blue skies year-round. With the heat being so intense, it’s advised to not spend too much time outside, especially between 12pm and 3pm when the sun is at its strongest.

If you love swimming, the sea is mild for most of the year. The water is warmest during the summer, starting at around 27°C in July before increasing to 28°C in August and September.

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