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El Gouna

Famous for its long sunny days and hot temperatures, El Gouna is a fantastic year-round holiday destination. El Gouna weather is always pleasant and perfect for a classic beach getaway. The area is renowned for its stunning beaches, turquoise sea, and idyllic coastline. Temperatures in El Gouna rarely drop below 20°C, so make sure to pack plenty of sun cream for your visit.

When you visit El Gouna in the summer, you should prepare for high temperatures with highs of 40°C in July through to September. Blue, clear skies are expected on a daily basis with virtually no rain in sight. Cooling sea breezes bring a refreshing relief from the intense summer heat. The water is very mild, with an average daily temperature of 28°C.

For cooler weather in El Gouna, travelling in winter is more enjoyable as the climate is warm and temperatures rarely drop below 20°C. If you aren’t used to the sizzling heat of the summer, winter is a great alternative. With highs of 24°C, you’ll still enjoy the warm weather without feeling too hot or uncomfortable. Rainfall is uncommon in El Gouna with just 1mm or 2mm per month.

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