Avg weather in September
12 Hrs per day
103 mm per month
70 % avg
8 Mph avg

Rovinj Weather in September

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What’s the weather like in Rovinj in September?

Located in the northwest of Croatia, Rovinj is a beautiful fishing port on the coast of the Istrian Peninsula. Summer’s coming to an end in September, and temperatures are dropping as autumn approaches. You’ll still have plenty of sunny weather if you go on holiday to Rovinj this month, making it a great time to visit if you want to explore the local area in more comfortable conditions.


In September the average temperature in Rovinj is 20ºC, peaking at 23ºC in the warmest part of the afternoon. Temperatures don’t cool down too much in the evenings, and with an average low of 17ºC after dark, you won’t need to pack much more than a light jumper or cardigan. Rovinj expects 65mm of rain in September, so it’s worth bringing a waterproof jacket or umbrella, although you can still look forward to ten hours of sunshine each day. If you want to go for a dip in the sea, the Adriatic waters are an inviting 23ºC this month.

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