Playa Del Carmen

Avg weather in December
10 Hrs per day
30 mm per month
80 % avg
10 Mph avg

Playa Del Carmen Weather in December

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What’s the weather like in Playa del Carmen in December

Playa del Carmen has a wet and dry season typical of the Caribbean and thankfully, December falls within dry season. This means you’ll get to experience the lovely climate without much chance of rain.

Geographical influences

Playa del Carmen is located along the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip in Mexico. It’s a popular place to visit, with plenty of warm sunshine and attractions to keep you occupied. Its close proximity to the Atlantic coast means that the resort is more likely to experience hurricanes, especially in the wet season, which lasts from June to November.


Since you’re visiting in winter, temperatures are slightly lower than they would be in the summer. However, they’re still considered fairly high at an average of 29°C during the day and 19°C at night. You’ll get to enjoy ten hours of daylight per day with an average humidity of around 80%. There’s very little rain in Playa del Carmen in December, with an average rainfall of just 33mm falling over two days of the month. This means you’ll get to relish in the beautiful sun without worrying about getting caught in a surprise downpour. You can also enjoy a relaxing swim in the sea, which remains warm and pleasant in winter at around 27°C.

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