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Runaway Bay

Nestled on Jamaica’s north coast is the relaxing resort of Runaway Bay. This peaceful haven is known for its clear waters, stunning beaches and vast coral reef that surrounds the coastline.

Runaway Bay is a year round holiday destination, which means there’s no definite best time to visit Runaway Bay because the tropical climate lasts all year. The warmest time is in the peak of summer when temperatures range from 20°C at night to daily highs of 30°C.

The balmy weather continues throughout the night, which can be very warm and humid at times. Thankfully, cooling winds tend to be more regular at night and help to lower temperatures to more comfortable levels for sleeping.

The coolest months are from December to February, when overnight temperatures lower to 18°C. You might need a light jacket, but it’s usually warm enough for a romantic stroll along the beach. There’s quite a lot of rain in winter, with 186mm of rainfall spreading across December. It’s slightly drier in the summer, but showers can be quite heavy and there’s around 13 to 14 rainy days per month.

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