Cayo Coco

Avg weather in November
11 Hrs per day
24 mm per month
79 % avg
14 Mph avg

Cayo Coco Weather in November

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What’s the weather like in Cayo Coco in November?

The location of Cayo Coco off the north coast of Cuba’s mainland means the island has a lovely sub-tropical climate every day of the year. The rainy season has come to an end, so you can enjoy the lovely weather without carrying an umbrella everywhere you go.

Geographical influences

Being so close to Cuba means that the island of Cayo Coco also experiences the same exotic climate. November has beautiful sunshine, agreeable warmth and clear blue skies. The coast brings a cool breeze to the island which helps to control the heat.


Cayo Coco weather in November is mainly sunny, warm and dry. Daytime temperatures hover around 27°C while the evenings experience slightly cooler temperatures of 20°C. When the cool breeze runs through your hair, it’ll do so at 14 mph on windy days which surprisingly, aren’t that common in November. Take a dip in the warm sea and enjoy 11 hours of warm sunshine per day. Humidity can be quite high in Cayo Coco in November at around 79% which rises slightly on wet days.

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