Avg weather in May
15 Hrs per day
37 mm per month
77 % avg
4 Mph avg

Whistler Weather in May

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What’s the weather like in Whistler in May?

The climate’s very pleasant in this incredible Canadian ski resort at this time. The Whistler weather in May produces the last of the snow on higher peaks and warm temperatures and bright sunny skies take over. Visitors love trekking and cycling in the hills and valleys during May, but take a showerproof jacket.

Geographical influences

Whistler, and the neighbouring resort of Blackcomb, is found in a picturesque location by the Coast Mountains in British Colombia. The resort enjoys a temperate climate that’s milder than inland resorts such as Banff, in the Rockies. The Pacific Ocean air stops temperatures falling too low in spring and winter.


The weather in Whistler in May has a daytime high of 17°C on the warmest days. It’s more likely to be around 12°C, dropping to lows of 8°C. At night time it’ll probably fall nearer to zero, so wrap up warm if you’re heading out for dinner in the evening. The sun shines for an average of eight hours in May from an amazing 15 hours of daylight. Rainfall could be over 100mm this month, with 12 days on average affected by wet weather. The humidity should measure 77% and there’s not much wind chill because the wind speed’s very light at 4mph.

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