Avg weather in February
9 Hrs per day
21 mm per month
92 % avg
8 Mph avg

Canada Weather in February

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What’s the weather like in Canada in February?

Canada is a vast country with many different landscapes, from endless prairies and forests to bustling cities, beaches and ski resorts. This means that the weather can change from region to region, but February is generally a very cold month across Canada. You’ll need to pack plenty of warm clothes and thick layers, whether you’re visiting cities like Vancouver or Toronto, or planning a ski trip to Banff.


In Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, the average temperature in February is 5ºC, with highs of 8ºC and lows of 2ºC. Make sure you bring a waterproof coat or umbrella if you’re visiting at this time, as the city’s quite wet, with 150mm of rain expected over the course of 16 days. Over in the east, Toronto is colder with an average temperature of -3ºC, while in Banff it’s a freezing -8ºC.

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