Avg weather in January
8 Hrs per day
0 mm per month
90 % avg
9 Mph avg

Edmonton Weather in January

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What’s the weather like in Edmonton in January?

It’s going to be very cold in Edmonton this month, so bring your warm winter clothing as you head off to one of Canada’s finest cities. The Edmonton weather in January is the coldest all year with frequent snowfall.

Geographical influences

Edmonton has a humid continental climate. The winter lasts between late November and March with snow and ice expected most days during this time. The climate is more predictable than mountainous areas to the south and west. Because it’s at a lower altitude than Calgary, which is 250km to the south, it has less of a wind chill factor.


The weather in Edmonton in January sees an average daytime high of just -5°C, falling to -10°C on the very coldest days. The night time can be even lower. The temperature’s cold but you’ll see some sunshine in January, with a superb four hours on average each day from nine hours of daylight. The sun doesn’t set until 5.15pm at the end of the month. The rainfall average is just 23mm, with about eight days receiving some rain. The humidity’s 90% in January.

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